Soft Paws for cats is a great alternative to declawing a cat. Many cat owners are hesitant to declaw their cats in order to stop them from scratching up the furniture. There are many reasons why cat owners avoid declawing their cats including the cats’ safety.

Declawing a cat is a painful surgery that includes the removal of the last joint of your cat’s claws. In some countries it is considered mutilation. Declawing a cat for the owner’s convenience is considered inhumane in many parts of the world.

Prior to Soft Paws for cats becoming an option, most cat owners either clipped their cats’ paws or declawed their cats. Neither option was or is an ideal solution

The brilliant new invention by a veterinarian is basically a set of vinyl claw covers designed to prevent a cat from destroying furniture, carpeting, etc. The claw covers will not stop your cat from trying to claw your furniture but it will prevent them from causing damage.
The lightweight vinyl is proving easy to put on a cat and comfortable enough that cats do not try to remove them.

As you can imagine, many cat owners are having their fun with the product. They come in over 20 colors which means you can mix and match and have some fun. Whether you do all four paws in the same color, change the color of each paw, or even change the color of each claw, you can certainly have fun with the vinyl claw covers.

To make it easier to mix and match, Soft Paws for cats even offers rainbow packs and other multi-color packs that cat owners seem to love.
If you are looking for a way to stop your cat or cats from destroying your furniture, bedding, carpets, etc then you should consider these great alternatives to declawing.

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