The main difference between the new social network Clubhouse and others is that you can only get into it by invitation, and only live communication is possible in it. The platform consists of virtual clubs and rooms of interest, where you can interact with your voice in real time, the rules of the service prohibit pre-recorded conversations.
Launched back in April 2020, the new platform became unexpectedly popular in early 2021. In just 3 days (from January 30 to February 1), more than 1 million users registered on the service.
Such popularity and a sharp increase in subscribers contributed to the biggest event in Clubhouse, which occurred on February 2, 2021, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk appeared in the popular ClubHouse room of the Good Time Show to discuss Tesla, space and interview Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev about the decision to ban users from buying GameStop shares. In the app, you can also chat with Drake, Kevin Hart, Mark Zuckerberg and others.
Using the Medialogy system, we analyzed what social media users say about the new Clubhouse platform.
In total, from February 1 to 15, almost 60 thousand messages were registered in the Russian-language segment of social networks. The peak of messages fell on February 15 – 14.3 thousand.
Most often, in the context of the new platform, Elon Musk and his invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin to take part in a conversation at the Clubhouse were discussed. They also discussed invites, without which it is impossible to register in the social network, the blocking of the room of Vladimir Solovyov, the company Yandex and Oleg Tinkov, who have opened official rooms in the Clubhouse, and even legochelovechek and bionicles.
A sharp jump in discussions occurred on February 14 (more than 10 thousand), after Elon Musk invited Vladimir Putin to talk with him at the Clubhouse. “It would be a great honor to talk to you” ” he added in Russian in a subsequent post.

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