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Social media marketing is more than just promoting stuff online and expecting a return of investment to be substantial. It is more about connecting to people who will be potential buyers. Many believe that as long as there are many linked users or subscribers to one’s post, ROI would be equally the same. However, there are two factors which limit the probable rate of ROI which are the quality of linkages, and the attitude of users towards the author.

In the real world, media marketing is a one way process. Television, radio, and print publications show the items and services available, and the viewers just listen without any chance of immediate feedback. Improvements and changes may only be done after the initial survey results come in. Social media marketing online is two way. Users who get to experience the advertising campaign are able to comment and provide immediate feedback.

Getting the attention of the users may be the first thing that should be secured by the marketer. Doing so enables them to remain and check out the advertised site for the second time around. Retained users who regularly check in already become secondary marketers for your cause.

Their first impression and reception of the users determines their attitude towards your campaign. Not only does getting through their attention mean a positive outcome. Those who are on the opposite side of things may also subscribe to your post and actively oppose your posting. You would therefore want to have your retained viewers on the positive side of things to help you out instead of bring you down.

In this context, it is important to keep the mood of your so called “retainers” in your favor. As easily or difficultly the users have been acquired, the same goes with the way their thoughts may be swayed by others. Therefore, it is wise to be present in the discussion process to monitor how things go for your social media marketing campaign.

Keeping content fresh and supported retains followers in your favor. It also makes those who oppose your campaign be subsequently convinced and converted to support your cause. Getting the message through them by actively participating and blending in the comments section not only helps in giving the users a sense of security for their learned information, it also instills a defined claim.

The ROI is also influenced by the quality of the linkages of the subscribed users. Think if it this way – a company president who has thousands of incompetent and non working employees would be at risk of having the company collapse or go into bankruptcy due to non productivity. In social media marketing, you may have countless fans and subscribers, but if you are not careful in scrutinizing them, many would most probably be spam or duplicate accounts.

Therefore, when implementing a social media marketing campaign, it is best to add a personal touch to the whole process. The attitude is established initially, and is changed through presence and maturity in the discussion. With retained attitudes, and an improved quality, the ROI and profitability of a campaign is quite ensured in favor of the author.

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