Social Marketing Is Great Way To Increase Your Sales

In any online or offline endeavor, it is very essential to develop a social proof of your business as something that prospects appreciate and can relate to. The endeavor is described by Robert Cialdini as “a principle that essentially states we determine what is correct by watching others” – Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. The power of social proof cannot be undermined or neglected at all.

It is an important consideration that very often, if not always, determines how we react. It is the outcome of the observation of the behavior of people and relating to similarities. This observance helps a lot in overall business strategies. The fact, that across cultures and countries, we naturally mimic the actions of others, particularly the behaviors of people similar to us that we can relate to; helps the sales and marketing teams to set sales paradigms.

The power of social proof is an important component of marketing material. It is all over the place, especially in the referrals and testimonials of others. The company’s social proof s also reflected in customers’ experiences, whether positive or negative. It is further empowered by celebrity endorsements that are not only credible, but also recognizable. The efforts in this respect that work wonders are referencing awards and extensive media coverage on products and services they endorse. To demonstrate social proof it is evident how display of sales targets works.

For social proof in action it is essential to develop a network that plasters the proof even as customers call in to talk or email you with feedback on the products they bought. This helps to support their purchase and alleviate skepticism. Developing social proof of your business as something that prospects appreciate is a process and not a single inclusion.

It takes time to evaluate what works with a particular segment of customers and prospects. This evaluation differs according to culture and society. This way or that, social proof is a component of marketing that is basic and a corner stone that directly impacts your customer experience and decision making process.

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