When you hear a friend complain about how they are unable to sleep properly since their partner is a snorer, it is often unavoidable to let out a giggle. But wait before you do, this issue is not as humorous as it may seem, at least not for those who experience it first hand.

Snoring is caused by obstructed nasal or air passage ways that results in vibrating respiratory structures, producing a mild to loud sound during sleep. There can be several reasons behind the blockage causing the sound; it could be due to nasal congestion or loose bulky tissue in the throat. Weak muscles along the throat and tongue can also cause obstruction since the tongue literally falls back at the back of the throat when the person is asleep, and leads to the blocked air passages and hence snoring.

There are some factors that can lead to snoring. Men are more likely than women to snore. Age, the older you are the more likely to start snoring, since the muscles around the throat tend to weaken, along with obesity. Having weight issues causes loose fat and/or tissue around the throat to block the passages causing the person to snore, while smoking and consumption of alcohol is also related to snoring. Despite the absence of these factors, a person can begin to snore since it could be due to the deformation of the nasal passages as well.

A habit of snoring is least likely to be diagnosed if the person snoring sleeps alone, since it is generally diagnosed by their sleeping partners. The partner suffers due to lack of sleep, while the person snoring may have a relative serious underlying condition. Snoring is not only annoying; it can also cause long pauses in breathing, resulting in the body being short of oxygen. Oxygen deficiency can result in the damage of the organs in the body, or in rare and severe cases, death.

However, the incidence of snoring has been observed to be correlated with strokes and heart attacks. This may be due to poor sleeping habits that cause stress in the individual hence decreasing their life years. Snoring is generally a petty case, and can be easily resolved without surgery. Snoring need not affect your lifestyle, and get treatment before it interferes with your personal life.

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