Smokers Searching For A Tobacco Alternative Have Finally Found It

The search for an alternative to tobacco cigarettes has finally come to an end with the rise of electronic cigarettes on the market in the United States and abroad. The e cigarette is made of a battery, an atomizer, and a refill cartridge that contains e-liquid. E-liquid is made of nicotine, propylene glycol, and some flavorings; menthol and tobacco are the most popular. Some models force the person using it to hold down a switch in order for the atomizer to vaporize the liquid as the person inhales, but new ones do not require this because they rely only on the suction of the smoker through the cartridge.

One of the main differences between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is the fact that e cigarettes do not have to be lit on fire to be smoked. Electronic cigarettes use a rechargeable battery and vaporize liquid to allow smokers to experience the act of smoking, so there is no need to worry about accidentally causing a fire by putting it down in the wrong place or dropping it. It does not get hot when used, so accidentally burning someone with the tip of it is also not possible, unlike traditional cigarettes that burn children, adults, and pets just passing by.

E cigarettes are also much more economical than traditional cigarettes in these trying economic times. Smokers are already in a class that is discriminated against and overtaxed; many have said that the government makes more money on tobacco sales than do the very companies that produce the tobacco products. A single e cigarette cartridge is equal to around 10 to 14 cigarettes, while the cost of a pack of cigarettes is exorbitant in comparison to the cost of a pack of cartridges. They typically come in packs of 5 and cost $10 or so in the United States.

Convenience is another factor when smokers switch to e cigarettes, since each e cigarette cartridge is equal to almost 2/3 of a pack of cigarettes. There is no fumbling around for your pack of cigarettes every few minutes or hunting for your lighter or making sure there is an ash tray nearby to dump the waste in. Being able to smoke while driving and not clouding up the car with smoke or having to throw the butt out the window is a convenience that most smokers would love. Cigarette butts often fly back into the vehicle and burn upholstery or carpet before the driver has a chance to pull over and remove it.

Cigarette butts themselves are also a big source of waste around the world; because the contents of the spent filter are poisonous, they are not safe to just throw away anywhere because animals and even children have been known to eat them and die.

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