Smartphones Step Aside, In Comes The Motorola Superphone


Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said on Wednesday that a Motorola superphone will soon be released. Once this phone makes it to the market, it may spell the end for smartphones. Who is going to want a caveman(smartphone) tool when you can have a modern one(superphone)? What will make these superphones so much better than the current technology, read along to find out.

Motorola Superphone vs. Smartphones

Motorola’s superphone could literally have double the amount of processing power than any other smartphone on the market right now. They plan to do this by introducing an unprecedented 2 GHz processor into their superphone, which is twice that of the 1 GHz in the top of the line smartphones. That can make a serious difference for you in the speed and capacity of all the programs you do and could have on your phone.

If the FROYO 2.2 O.S. , Android’s newest operating system, is ready, the Motorola superphone could be the first phone to have this preinstalled. Nvidia’s Tegra chip for graphics that are extremely clear and crisp should be included as well. Plus you can expect it to have Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration so that you can see Flash graphics and movies on your phone, which even the iPhone 4 does not have.

How will the Motorola superphone keep up with competition like Apple’s iPhone 4? By giving their superphone the same muscle, such as adding the full 6 axis functionality that such phones as the iPhone currently have for such purposes as gaming. Other programs and apps will be added to make the phone ‘super’ also. To make the keyboard controls simpler and easier to use, Swype will be available. You will even be able to rent and buy movies from Blockbuster Video that you can then stream on your t.v. or computer via another function that the Motorola superphone is sure to have, wireless tethering.

When will the Motorola superphone be available to purchase? It is supposed to be by the 2010 holiday season but that doesn’t narrow down whether that means Christmas or Thanksgiving. Whichever it turns out to be, it does give us all another phone besides the iPhone 4 from Apple to actually anticipate it’s arrival. This could have just been a ploy to deter from the release of the iPhone 4, however, since it came from the mouth of Motorola’s CEO I’d say we can probably start getting ourselves ready now.

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