Smart Lipo – Why It Is An Excellent Improvement Over Normal Liposuction

Traditional liposuction surgery is an invasive procedure and often the recuperation period is painful and can take longer than most patients would care to be out of commission. However a new technique has come onto the scene that is now being announced as the modern successor to the old liposuction method.

What is Laser Lipolysis or Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo differs from the existing liposuction technique in that it uses a laser for fat removal. A cannula that is very fine is used to issue a powerful laser in order to heat up the fat cells that lie under the skin. This then leads to a collapsing and liquifying of the fat tissue. The fatty deposits then find their out of the body over time or are absorbed through natural means. Incidentally, laser-like methods are also used in other plastic surgery areas.

A very modest incision is used for this op, which saves you from experiencing the typical post-operation side effects. A local anesthetic is all that is needed and the procedure takes a fraction of the time that traditional liposuction requires.

Advantages of Smart Lipo

Many of us lead very busy lives. The time required to meet doctors and go through the process of hospital admission is simply too great. When having traditional liposuction surgery you must also schedule time in your calendar Also, with liposuction you also need to allow time for post operative recuperation.

SmartLipo is the answer to all of these concerns Often the procedure takes 1 to 2 hours; it can be done on an outpatient basis with the client being able to go back to work soon after. The procedure is quite effective in its fat removing results, and many clients are happy with their new bodies.

Body Areas For Which Smart Lipo Works Best

Most people having liposuction surgery are hoping to get rid of fat around the abdominal area. Smart Lipo is an excellent method for reducing fats from the bottom, upper arms, chin and love handles.

Many people are fearful of traditional surgery. They’re scared of anesthetics, pain, or just the idea of hospitals. Smart Lipo is a great option for those of us who would like to reduce our body fat, but without the experience of major surgery.

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