The measure adopted to determine obesity in a person is body mass index (BMI). The BMI compares the weight and height of a person. A BMI measure from 25 kg/m2 to 30 kg/m2 is considered to indicate the condition of overweight while a BMI measure of over 30 kg/m2 is marked as obesity. Many health problems are associated with obesity and overweight. This includes heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain type of cancer, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis. Obesity and overweight makes one lethargic, less agile, tired and less energetic.

The estimates made by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that over 400 million adults in the world are obese. Obesity was declared as a global problem with epidemic proportion. Obesity is found to afflict move than half the United States urban adult population. It is a paradox that while a sixth of the population of the world are starving and going hungry, yet obesity due to over eating is a major problem. The booming weight loss market is brimming with revenue of $30 billion annually.

Weight loss diet plans are many in the market such as The Atkins diet, the 7 day diet, NutriSystem, Anne Collins Weight Loss Program, Master Cleanser Secrets Master Cleanser Secrets from, Diet Smart, Beverly Hills diet and Jon Benson’s Every Other Day diet besides others in the market. There are also anti-obesity drugs which claim to burn out the fat or kill the appetite.

A lose of just 10 percent of the body weight is good enough to begin with. What is more important is to maintain this weight for more than a year rather than further decline in the weight. Such an approach is more conducive to maintaining health. Consumption of low-fat low-calorie diet, a higher level of physical activity and a regular check on the weight can make sure that the weight loss achieved remains stable. It is common to see people jumping on to a starvation diet to lose weight and slim down. The human body on an average requires 1800 calories. If the calorie intake goes below 1200, there could be serious health problems. It is therefore safer and better to ensure the standard calorie intake and combine with physical exercises and a balanced diet.

Obesity is a terrible condition because it puts your health at greater risks. With willpower, dedication and weight loss diet plans like Master Cleanse Secrets, you can slim down and fight obesity in no time.

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