Skimboard: A Fantastic Water Sports

Skimboarding is a great water sports which is similar to surfing, however not much training or special skills required to play it. Skimboarding started around ninety years back, at that time surfers were using a wooden board for surfing but now a days skim boards are made of carbon fiber or fiber glass. Over the time skim boarding has gained popularity and now transformed itself in to a competitive sport. A skim boarding offers several possible combinations to try by riding wave and water, typically surfer can ride on waves; can ride water moving away from shore. Most of the skimboard activities are safe and thus very popular among kids and parents.

This water riding also involves some good number of moves and maneuver, one of the most common moves is called Wrap, in doing wrap, while in the wave, a skimmer uses his weight effectively to wrap it and this wrap helps him in pushing towards the shore.

The advance level of Wrap is called Wrap Barrel. But this require some practice as the skimmer uses wrap to go further from sea shore and try to get in barrel of waves. Second common move is pumping the board to achieve speed and stability.

Although it is a popular activity on beach but skimboarders are also exposed to many physical risk, if skim boarder is not in a position to maintain stability on water than the force of waves can cause fracture of lower limbs. The skim boarding asks for a lot of leg movement as skimboarder is required to run in the direction of water and jump on wave and therefore frequently cause hamstring injury. As skimboarders ride mostly in shallow water and thus not exposed to drowning related accidents.

Skimboarding sports is gaining popularity, now a days skimboarding contest are conducted and growing number of firms are using that platform to market their products.

Although it is a famous activity on beach but skim boarders are also exposed to many physical risks, if skim boarder is not in the position to maintain stability on water, then the force of waves can get fracture or dislocation of lower limbs. The skim boarding requires extreme movement of leg as skim boarder needs to run towards water and jump and so many times get hamstring injury. As skimboarders are most of the time in shallow water and so are not exposed to drowning related accidents.

A second type of skim board is also called as High Performance Board which has several layers to provide lightness and strength. It has outer shell typically made of fiberglass and carbon. Third type is known as Foamies, lightweight board made of foam as core material. Although lightweight helps skimmer in gliding efficiently on water but it is little more difficult to handle owing to its less weight.

Overall demand for skimboards are growing and it resulted in entry of good number of firms which are manufacturing these boards. Each company has designated a team rider who will participate in skimboard competitions and represent his company as well. Skimboarding contest are gaining popularity and it also provides an opportunity to firms to market their products. Skimboarding contests are held across North America and Europe. Skimboarding is gaining popularity in many countries such as Australia, Portugal et al and now it has gaining popularity in online media as well. There are plenty of online communities dedicated to skim boarding. The credit for higher popularity also goes mass media publications such as Skim Magazine which was launched in 1999. Skimonline website gets thousands of unique visitors on a daily basis. In many ways skim boarding is a small sports but there is no denying that its popularity is growing linearly.

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