Sixty – Choose Roman Halloween Costumes – Chariots And Gladiators Of Times Past

Perhaps the strongest civilization in history was the powerful society recreated with Roman Halloween costumes. Widely available in costume stores, by mail order or as rental costumes, these may be historically correct or you can add your own personality to the design with accessories. Dress as a famous ruler of the time, be a brutish and brave gladiator or a spoiled and demanding lady of the era. The Roman Halloween costumes provide an opportunity for expression and for learning.

Whether simple and basic or historically accurate the Roman era is easy to express with simple clothing items and stylized props. The range of characters and of pricing is wide and you may choose to be as accurate as possible or use inexpensive items to play the part.

Inspiration can be found in history books and other texts as well as in films. Many people have seen Russell Crowe in the film Gladiator, released in 2000. This top rated Ridley Scott film provides a wealth of visuals from Roman times. A quick internet search will produce a number of sites dedicated to the history and specific aspects of ancient Rome, including the culture’s attire!

The basic item of your design will be a robe of some sort. This robe may be as simple as a draped sheet that bares both arms and perhaps one shoulder or you might have a bathrobe that will serve the purpose. You can get fancy with purchased fabrics and sew your own robe or gown or buy a ready made Toga available in a nearby college town. Purchasing a garment may be costly but will serve you well if you plan to use your Roman Halloween costumes for more than one occasion or for several years of trick or treat.

Gladiators of Roman times were idolized for their skills in fighting for the entertainment of arena audiences. Glorified for their courage and strength, these characters are often thought of as big, muscular men with a thirst for violence.

Basic daggers and swords were used by gladiators as well as a weapon called the Gladius. The variety of weapons included scimitar, shields, thick Roman sword, lances and harpoons. Create a replica of any or all of these weapons using cardboard, paper mache and paint. Some of these might also be found in toy departments if you look carefully.

Use caution if you use a metal weapon replica. Using a sword in someone’s home is not a recommended party activity. If young ones are around have a safe place to store your weapons.

Ancient Rome fell into ruin long ago but you can relive those times with Roman Halloween costumes. Whether historically accurate or your own personal interpretation, Roman costumes are always impressive. If you are able to throw out a few historically correct comments as you interact with others, you can show off your knowledge of ancient times. There were Roman scholars famous for their wisdom and being able to throw out comments about dates and battles of the time will add the appearance of reality for your character. Edited by Hetsil Protage

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