Six Obstacles To Networking And Learn How To Overcome Them

Networking is like so many things in our lives – exercise, eating more fiber and less fat, quitting cigarettes, saving money, writing goals – that we know are not only good for us, but are the keys to success. We know because we’ve occasionally done them enough to see and feel results, but we didn’t keep up with it. Or we’ve seen our friends doing these things and enjoying great health. Or we’ve seen the news articles about the studies that prove these things are beneficial. We’ve even read the books by the experts and celebrities who clearly spell out these actions and habits as the reason for their wealth, health, and happiness.

We all know all this, and we know that networking is an important business growth exercise and an important life skill, so why don’t we do it? As a result of there are obstacles in the way in which of our success, some obvious and some so refined that we do not know they’re there. Of the six major OBSTACLES to networking, almost all of them are created inside our own minds. Subsequently, it’s simple (however maybe not straightforward) to vary our pondering and to remove them.

The six the explanation why we do not network are:

Having no Purpose
Not Knowing How
No time

Are you holding onto false beliefs about networking that are mostly negative? You think it’s just schmoozing, or that it’s all about selling, or it’s only for outgoing people? Did you try it once and when you didn’t get results, or didn’t feel comfortable, you decided it wasn’t for you?

The basis of any of these fallacies is that you believe it doesn’t work or that it won’t work for you. This error in thinking that is very easy to disprove. Simply look at the millions of business people who are successful because of the relationships they built through networking. Read books by Dale Carnegie, Harvey Mackay, Andrea Nierenberg, and Keith Ferazzi to be convinced of the value and the principles of networking.

Do you dislike networking because you don’t feel like selling or being sold to? Do you avoid it because of other people and their poor networking skills? Have you had negative experiences that caused you to have misconceptions about networking?

For those who keep away from networking because you don’t love the way different folks do it, you should radically shift your thinking from annoyance and dislike of those folks, to compassion and seeing a chance to assist them change bad habits. And identical to day by day life outdoors of networking, we need to merely take care of those few who haven’t got good expertise and hold searching for the best folks to build relationships with. Should you’ve had unfavorable experiences with networking, you should analysis your organizations far more thoroughly. We don’t eat raw food for the remainder of our life because we burned our hand on the range once. Avoiding networking because of other people is chopping our noses off to spite our faces.

Having No Purpose
Do you see networking as an endless series of pointless cocktail parties full of vapid conversations? Is your contact database not growing or even shrinking as people move away? Do you only network when it’s time to change jobs or when business is slow?

When you should not have a technique and a protracted-term outlook, you will network based on quick-term want, equivalent to losing a job. This can be very unsatisfying as a result of desperation is unattractive. Skilled networkers will keep away from your “help me now and I am going to forget you later” approach. Harvey Mackay calls it “digging your effectively before you’re thirsty.” Your function in networking is to build a vibrant, growing, and responsive assortment of relationships you may depend on, and who can count on you. The event of mutually helpful relationships will make each conversation important and purposeful, there will probably be no more pointless chitchat. Instead, you will see each time you make contact or converse with someone as another vital however small contribution to the networking construction we’re constructing

Not Knowing How
Do you are feeling okay with meeting people, however marvel what to do subsequent? Or you might be building your contacts, however do not see outcomes from it. Are you not sure what kind of dialog is acceptable should you’re not going to promote?

If you lack technique or are unsure how to take networking from the early stages of meeting someone to a deeper relationship that is going to create value for both parties, then you may create in your own mind the perception that networking doesn’t work. Or that it’s okay for other people who don’t have money for advertising, but that it’s not necessary for you.

Networking begins with basic social expertise such as having conversations which might be different-centered. We might feel comfortable in purely social settings like soccer games or birthday parties the place we will speak about our kids or the pleased occasion, but we believe that business networking occasions ought to be all business. Remember that businesses are run by people, and those individuals have families, interests, and private needs. Getting to know someone first shouldn’t be only perfectly acceptable in the enterprise world, however is the basis of constructing mutually beneficial relationships.

Once you’re comfortable with learning about people for themselves and not as a prospect or sales target, the next step in knowing how to advance the relationship. The most effective and easy way to do this is to give first. Send them information, an invitation or even a referral for business. They will gladly work with you in return.

We generally think that we should always robotically know the way to network just by virtue of being in enterprise, but that is the one subject where there is a gaping gap in our training and training. Monetary planning firms are infamous for bringing of their new associates, giving them detailed FINANCIAL coaching, no networking training, after which sending them out to network some of the difficult industries there is. The vary of abilities which are needed in networking include conversation abilities, the ability to perceive and fill other individuals’s needs, group, and a clear process for creating a return on the funding of time. This vary of methods requires examine and utility, like several advanced skill.

No Time to Network
Are you ready to community, however you find you just do not have the time? Do you pencil in networking events, but then have too much work to do and may’t leave the workplace?

There are only two reasons you do not have the time to network. Your life could truly be so sophisticated with jobs, second jobs, childcare, or elder care that you simply literally work sixteen-hour days each single day of the week. But, when you watch one single hour of mindless television a day, you are just making excuses to not network. You don’t lack the time; you just don’t wish to make the time.

Any busy one who found a brand new passion or a fun new hobby has discovered that it is potential to search out the time once you strongly wish to do something. Suddenly, your schedule opens up, you find new efficiencies, or you’ll be able to reprioritize. In the event you’re not ready to do this with networking, revisit your beliefs and your purpose. The time will nearly magically seem if you are clearly focused on the value of networking.

There are also ways to be way more efficient and efficient with the time you spend networking. As a substitute of very common occasions with a random group of individuals, take time to analysis exactly whom you must add to your network and target your networking time accordingly. A leads group can be a time-efficient solution to network as a result of it’s focused on giving and receiving referrals. You may even need to create your personal networking events and activities. This would be a larger funding of time, but the return is way greater when you are the organizer and host.

If you have a short-term perspective, you will feel that the time invested isn’t paying off. If you think you’re wasting time, you won’t spend it. But if it is a long-term project that will compound, it is much easier to find the time to invest. We so often have to deal with the urgent tasks that aren’t important, instead of networking, which is not urgent but very important.

Do you feel like you can’t be a good networking because you are an introvert? Or do feelings of shyness hold you back from networking? A majority of people in the population report feeling some shyness at different times. These feelings contribute to the misconception that only outgoing people are good at networking. Having no clear purpose and needing to work on our social skills can compound feelings of shyness, which are basically a lack of self-confidence. Preparation and planning can create confidence, which causes us to be successful which make us more confident.

There are also networking events that are better suited for a more introverted person. Large, non-agenda mixer meetings can be difficult for anyone if you are unfamiliar with the group. Use the buddy system and focus on smaller, more personal events to build your confidence.

Think carefully about your excuses for avoiding networking in relation to these six common obstacles. Nearly each one in all them is based in the way we think. Once we have eliminated these obstacles that come between ourselves and our aim of efficient networking, our success is assured. Apply diligence to be sure you’re not permitting dangerous pondering habits and doubt to creep back in. To any extent further, it’s simply a matter of time and constant effort.

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