Almost every Internet marketer will be happy to tell you that the secret to their success boils down to the old saying, “The money is in the list”.Why does every Internet marketer feel the need to repeat this advice time and again?Is having your own mailing list really that crucial to success?Of course it’s important. Building a list of subscribers can give you instant access to a focused audience who are keen to hear more about what you’re saying. Having a responsive list is a huge asset for an online business that can generate profits, increase conversion rates and reduce advertising costs. The cost of online advertising is shooting through the roof these days, which has made customer acquisition a costly affair. If you use Adwords and it costs you 50 cents per click to bring in new visitors to your site, you’re paying $50 for every 100 new visitors you receive. \Let’s say you use Adwords to bring in new visitors and that you pay 50 cents for each click, this would mean you’re paying $500 for 100 clicks through to your site. However, if you only have a conversion rate of 2%, this means you’re making on average 2 sales for every 100 clicks, so the rest are wasted. Instead of this, if you grab their email address first, your conversion rate can be as high as 40%! This is a big part of the reason why list building is so important to the success of your business.

There are so many different ways to make more money and get more customers for your online/offline business. But nothing beats list building when it comes to long term value. Starting to make money online is only the first part of your success, the second part is how you maximize it and leverage your current success. The internet is a massively huge entity containing people of every interest imaginable. Like a river passing by with no end. You would not want to have your customers lost, so you have to know where they are. Meaning, you’ll need to know their contact information so you can communicate with them.

It’s hard to keep in touch with a site visitor after they leave and don’t visit again. You must have contact info, email addresses, if you want to enjoy repeat sales and customers. If you have that info you are free to email your product/service offers or great content to share. If you build it and do it right, your email marketing list can grow to be your best weapon. Having access to your target market in such a way almost guarantees a traffic source that never dies. Whenever you want to get visitors to any relevant offer, all you do is shoot an email to your list and that’s it, the rest is predictable. Next we’ll go over some solid list marketing tips designed to help your own email marketing.

If you’re brand new to IM, then you probably haven’t started creating an email list. Surprisingly, very many internet marketers who have experience still don’t have an email list. The most important thing, though, is to get started and do it correctly. You’ll waste a lot of your time if you only read – it’s important to take action, right away. Avoid trying to learn everything about marketing, you can very easily get overwhelmed and lost. Try to avoid losing your way by taking in too much advice from people everywhere such as forums and newsletters. It’s easier than you think to do this. If you want your business to really take off, then start building your marketing list and everything else will fall into place.

Conducting surveys is an excellent to find out what your subscribers want from you. The use of surveys show that you care about your subscribers plus you can use their feedback in order to find out exactly what the majority wants. If you want to be a major player in your niche then you must use surveys in order to find out what the market demands. By asking your list their opinions and then actually following through on their requests you will turn your subscribers into loyal and happy customers.

You’ll find that in the beginning it takes some effort to start a list, but as you progress it gets much easier.If you treat your list with respect and give useful information, they’ll tell other people and you’ll begin to grow even more.

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