Silicon Valley Hotels And Human Resources

If it’s hi-tech, it’s happening in Silicon Valley. When the tech industry rearranges its staff, those changes occur in Silicon Valley. When one hotshot at Google heads over to Yahoo or some whiz kid gets hired at Facebook, the loglines on those stories tend to mention one of the cities in this weird, wired valley. It’s like some tech-savvy soap opera, except most of the players are far from attractive and nothing is scripted.

You’ve never seen so many gurus do the dance of the seven veils as when they have to do the human resources shuffle. One day they’re the kings of Google, the next the princes of Yahoo. And when the personnel make the moves, the gossip flows like mana from heaven and the Silicon Valley hotels fill up. Then you have the obligatory questions: why did they move? How much are they making? Who got screwed?

The cycle is perpetual. When a guru cleans out his ergo-friendly cube and moves down the street to the next one, people want to know why. Over the past decade, the number of hires, firings, and re-hires have been astounding. Each one is its own soap opera, filled with secret rendezvous and broken promises. How much for how much seems to be the one common question. And, in the end, we all find out how much was spent for how much.

The nature of Silicon Valley is more akin to a jungle than a valley. It’s a dog-eat-dog jungle, filled with snarky back-stabs and seething egos. After all, how can you be a self-proclaimed guru and not expect to take some amount of flack? To be sure, there are no “guru” degrees the last time I checked. So, in most cases these guru are fabrications of eager, half-competent gold-brickers.

What’s in store for the ever-mighty Valley? You can be sure there will be no shortages of talent, or hotels. Like some tech-centric Hollywood, the best and brightest from the IT crowd come to make a name for themselves. The next wonder kid, the next big thing, the next online revolution is just around the corner from the ubiquitous Starbucks.

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