Should You Stop Foreclosure By Filing For Bankruptcy?

If you are facing foreclosure, your biggest concern right now is how to save your home. Nothing else really matters. You are facing an uphill battle, but it is not impossible to stop foreclosure. Filing for chapter thirteen bankruptcy is last resort way to keep from losing your home.

[I:]Filing for bankruptcy is bad for your credit, but sometimes it can save a home from foreclosure. Under chapter thirteen of the US bankruptcy code, debtors are allowed to submit a plan for repaying their debts. The foreclosure process is halted as soon as you file for chapter thirteen. However, your repayment plan is subject to review by creditors and must be approved by the bankruptcy court.

The first step in filing for chapter thirteen is to attend credit counseling. This is required by the bankruptcy code. Only certain agencies are approved for this counseling, so be sure to consult with your bankruptcy attorney to make sure the agency you use will qualify. The agency may come up with a plan for you to pay back your debts. If so, you have to give a copy of the plan to the court when you file for bankruptcy.

You are given fourteen days from the time you file for chapter thirteen bankruptcy until your proposed repayment plan has to be on file with the court. This window can enable you to go ahead and file if you need to get the foreclosure on your home stopped before you can finish your plan.

Before the judge considers whether to accept your plan, you are required to appear at a meeting of your creditors. The purpose of this meeting is to allow the mortgage company and other creditors to try to poke holes in your plan. Your creditors have a right to object if they do not feel they are getting as much as they are entitled to by law under your repayment plan.

After the creditor’s meeting has been completed, your repayment plan will be reviewed by the court to make sure that it meets the requirements set forth in the bankruptcy code. It can take up to 45 days for approval, but you have to start making payments according to the terms of the agreement within 30 days.

The biggest drawback to using chapter thirteen bankruptcy to stop foreclosure is that if you are unable to pay the payments as agreed, you could still end up going through foreclosure. The judge can dismiss your case or make you go through chapter seven, where your assets are sold to cover your debts, if you don’t pay everything as agreed. For this reason, you should consider all of the potential risks and benefits before deciding to go ahead with filing for bankruptcy.

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