Should You Consider Corrugated Metal Siding?

Corrugated metal siding is often installed when a decorative affect is desired in different building projects. Corrugated metal siding is not as strong as other types of metal siding and is usually added over other types of siding that help with the structural soundness of the building.

This type of siding usually has some sort of wave effect to it, which provides a nice texture for various walls and also roofs.

Types of Siding

There are different types of siding that might be used in conjunction with corrugated metal siding, such as an insulated metal siding so that the structure will be more cost efficient in the long run. This insulated metal siding is made by placing liquid insulation foam within two sheets of metal siding. The foam hardens within the metal after expanding so that the entire piece is one solid panel. Because the foam fills the panel completely, there is no room for air gaps which are left in other types of insulated siding, and it gives a uniform insulated surface wherever it is used.

When the siding is corrugated siding, there are different shapes that are molded into the metal, such as a rounded wave-like pattern. These waves can be different widths, so that it can be a bunch of two and a half width waves that are one half inch deep, to having waves that are wider and deeper, even to over four inches wide and over an inch deep.

There are also squared off or ribbed corrugated metal siding in which, instead of having uniform waves that are rounded, there is a pattern of one larger, flat-topped wave with two small waves in between before the next larger wave. In addition, there are full ribbed corrugated metal siding in which the waves are uniform and flat-topped across the panel. The final form of corrugated metal siding is a ‘reverse’ wave, in which the waves seem to be dipping into the panel rather than sticking out from it, creating a trough type effect.

As with most metal siding, corrugated metal siding is treated or galvanized in order to protect it from the elements and the corrosion and oxidation that can occur. Usually it is coated with a zinc oxide, but there are other metals that are sometimes used as well. Corrugated metal siding is light and easy to maneuver like other types of metal siding and connects tightly together to protect the structure from the elements.

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