Should You Buy Solid State Drive For Your Netbook

When buying a netbook computer, among the list of options you have is buying one with a common hard drive or a solid state drive. Often you can find 100 gigabytes of a regular hard drive for a similar price as a 16 gigabyte solid state drive. While it seems to be simple to choose the greater capacity drive, what benefits does the solid state one offer?

Despite the fact that it has less space to store your documents on, there are a few great advantages to these types of non-traditional hard disks. The first is that there are actually no moving components. As the name states, it is a solid device. Commonly disks spin and also have “needles” that read the drive. Any time these get hot over time there is a possibility of failure. This type of hard disk drive could last many years longer because there are no moving components.

A second benefit is that in the event the computer is dropped or knocked there’s hardly any chance the loss of any information. A netbook computer is a personal computer that is supposed to be carried with you which means it will be knocked a lot during the day. A solid state drive is supposed to hold up to these conditions.

Yet another advantage is speed. Getting at documents or files from a solid state drive goes on considerably quicker than on a standard hard disk. Considering a netbook has less power than a laptop computer or desktop computer does, it requires all the speed benefits it could possibly get. This hard drive can give your netbook a lot more speed when accessing files from the disk drive.

With inexpensive extension storage on the market like USB sticks, having a lesser amount of space on the drive should not be too much of an concern.

If you absolutely need additional space for the physical drive, purchase the larger disk drive, but understand what benefits of solid state technology are being given up for some additional space.

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