Shop With Confidence When You Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring

Many people approach buying a diamond engagement ring with fear and trepidation. However, shopping for a ring does not have to be this way. In fact, it really can be one of the most joyful experiences for couples who are planning their marriage.

True, those who are getting married for the first time may not understand a thing about purchasing an engagement or wedding ring. But it isn’t difficult to figure out the basics and to shop online with confidence and anticipation.

What is a good first step? Browse through wedding magazines, many of which have special sections featuring the latest ring designs. This may be the perfect way to decide which style is desired.

It would also be very beneficial that when you see a diamond engagement ring that you like being advertised in the magazine, that you tear it out and put it inside of a scrapbook or notebook for reference. Also, it is sometimes better to buy a wedding ring set since this can be very cost effective. You can even buy them separately if you choose different but complementary styles.

It is very important that you stay within a realistic budget when shopping online for an engagement ring. Rings of this sort can be very expensive and you would be wise to factor in all of the other wedding expenses that will certainly add up before making an investment in a ring.

The 4 C’s might help you in choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring. The 4 C’s that will help you are clarity, cut, color and carat weight. Everything from the color to the grade will affect how much the diamond engagement ring will be priced at, with grades ranging from D to Z+.

Unlike high school or college grades, a D, E or F grade is among the highest and most preferable color rating choices. A diamond which earns one of these grades doesn’t have a hint of color and is absolutely stunning, both when purchased separately or put in a special mounting.

You will be able to find color charts on the Internet and usually in any jewelry store. It is not hard to know the needed information about grades so that you do not make the mistake of buying a diamond ring of poor quality.

Also, many couples do settle for a slightly lesser grade of color and still end up with a gorgeous ring. Grades G, H and I are still considered highly desirable and may be easier on the budget.

Clarity is also a very important factor when purchasing a ring and can be described as what flaws can be seen – or are impossible to detect – as one looks into a diamond. Again, the grading system is unique for clarity, with an F being practically perfect.

This doesn’t mean a diamond is truly flawless but those flaws should not be evident to the naked eye or when viewed at the level of 10x magnification. Again, some of the grades just below F can be just fine but couples should be aware of how these grades differ from the F grade.

Many people think that a carat diamond ring refers to the size of the stone itself, but it actually refers to the stone’s weight. Two diamonds of the same size can actually weigh different amounts.

Also, the value of a diamond engagement ring is tied to color and clarity as well as carat weight. They are a part of the total package and can’t be separated.

In short, the value of the ring is not determined by one factor alone. Of course, large rings tend to attract more attention than smaller ones but a tiny ring with better clarity and color can be worth more than the higher carat weight ring, even if they are not perceived to be as valuable.

The cut of the diamond is the last factor that will come into play in determining its worth. This will highly depend on the skill of the diamond craftsmen cutting the stone. If you wish to better understand the cut, keep looking at other diamonds to learn.

Every facet, slope and slant makes up the cut of a diamond. One with a perfect cut will have 58 facets that make the light reflect brilliantly. If you compare the different diamonds around, you will gain a better feel for what you really want.

A perfectly cut diamond will stand out above the rest, reflecting the light hitting it beautifully. You do not have to be an expert in this field to notice the difference and if you have learned enough about cut, color, clarity and carat, you will be able to buy a diamond engagement ring that is right for you and and feel confident about your purchase.

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