Wearing high-heeled shoes entails proper foot care; it should look at their best at all times. Nice shoes will not be beautiful with ugly feet; hence, the feet should be given utmost attention for it to be beautiful as well. People do not only notice the shoes when worn, but they also notice the feet of the one wearing it.

The things that are needed to conduct home pedicures are the following: nail varnish remover, cotton wool, bowl of warm water, rough sponge, foot file, nail file, nail buffer, nail coat base, nail coat varnish. The first five items are needed for the first part of the pedicure and the remaining for nail care.

The first thing to do is rid the nail of its old nail varnish. With the nail varnish remover and cotton wool, this process will be easy. The sides and cuticle edges should be cleaned in detail so that the next nail color will be without problems. When the coating is removed, it is time to soak the feet in warm water, which is the pleasurable part of the process. The feet should be soaked at least five to ten minute or longer if preferred. The skin will be soft afterwards, it should be dried with a towel especially the areas in between the toes.

The foot file should be used for clearing the skin from dead skin cells. There are two sides of a foot file, the smooth and the rough. The rough side should be used first followed by the smooth side. Special attention should be given to the heel, balls of the feet and the toe areas since these possess a lot of unwanted skin. After this, moisturizer should be applied thoroughly. It would be best to let the moisturizer to seep through the skin as deep as possible.

Now, it’s time for the nails. The cuticle stick is used to thrust the base up to have a single crisp line. This will make the nails look longer at the same time sleeker. The, the nails should be trimmed carefully. The sides should not be trimmed because it will cause ingrown nails, which are utterly painful in the long run. After, the nail file should be used to make the edges smooth.

The first application of nail varnish is crucial since it is the prime coat. It will help in making the succeeding coats perfect and without ripples. Considering the drying time per application, it takes around twenty to thirty minutes to dry up. The color that will be chosen should complement the heels to be worn in order to achieve a coherent effect.

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