Seven Common Skin Care Mistakes

Are you really taking the best care of your skin? Many people don’t realize, but they are making some very common skin care mistakes that could cost them later in life. Read on to find out if you’re one of them.

Washing with bar soap. While a nice neutral soap like Dove can be good for your skin, most bar soaps are just too harsh for facial skin. Yet people continue to use them on a continual basis. The result? They’ll look old before their time as the soap degrades skin and dries it out.

Going to the spa for a facial. Did you realize that facials usually are more damaging than good for you? There are studies that show up to eighty percent of people have a big outbreak of zits right after they’ve had their beauty treatment! The biggest reason for this is the use of essential oils, which irritate the skin.

Not using SPF products on cloudy days. It doesn’t matter that there’s no actual sun shining on your skin . . . The UV rays are still there and they can still damage your body. This is something that most people neglect, so make a point of putting on sunscreen every time you go out, whether or not it’s sunny out. You can find moisturizers that have SPF built in if you prefer not to add another product to the list. This also ensures that you won’t forget.

Piling on the skin care products can really be bad for you. While it might seem like you need those ten things to smear, rub or spritz on your face, chances are high that they are just going to create an expensive and irritating mix. Skip the multiple products, you should be fine with just a cleanser and a moisturizer.

Using oily makeup. If your makeup is oil based, it could be causing those unpleasant outbreaks that you frequently face. There’s a good reason more and more people are turning to mineral makeup. It’s easier on the skin and will keep you a lot healthier looking. It may cost more, but you’ll look younger longer.

It’s very tempting to squeeze zits, but if you do so, make sure to wash the area before and after and don’t touch anything else. There are bacteria in every zit and this can be spread very easily, just through touch. That means instead of helping, you’re actually making the outbreak worse.

Washing your face first in the shower. The shampoo and conditioner that you use on your hair will stay on your face as residue. This can be both irritating and cause outbreaks, as well as make your skin look worse. Instead, wash your hair first and then do a face cleansing.

Skin care doesn’t need to be too complicated and in many cases, people are just going overboard on the cleaning. There’s no need to scrub your face several times a day. Just two cleanings a day is usually plenty. Be sure to use soap that is formulated for your skin and leave it to breathe.

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