Setting Up Your Own Solar Panels For Household Power

If you want to learn a way to save money and generate clean energy for your house, then building your own free solar energy system is the way to go. Though building the system is not free, the energy that you produce from it will be after you have recovered your 1st investment. How much will that initial investment be and how long will it take to recover it? That will rely upon a couple of things.

How much energy will your panels produce?

The rate at which you will recover your 1st investment will depend upon how much energy your solar panels produce and what amount of money you save on your electricity bill. This can be worked out quite easily, but first you will want to test if you live in an area that is going to benefit noticeably from solar energy. If you Google the US solar radiation map, you will find out precisely how many hours of direct daylight your area will receive. When you know this, you are going to want to select the size of your panels and how swiftly you want to build them.

What’s the initial investment?

For many people the concept of laying out a pair thousand greenbacks is just too much to think about. Although the savings are almost instantaneous, it is still plenty of money to invest, especially during tough economic times. A benefit of building your own panels is that you can build them as the finances permit and use the savings from your electricity bill to put towards further panels. By building your solar system up steadily, you’re able to spend less and benefit more.

How tough are they to build

Building solar panels is really so easy. If you’re a hobbyist who likes to work with your hands, then you’ll find this project very simple. The instruction manuals that are found online are written with a cut and paste formula which guides you thru each step and in the event that you find yourself in a difficult situation, there’s online support to help thru.

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