If you’re new to the PC world and need to get more out of your personal computer experience by learning the best way to build a wireless network in your home, then here are one or two steps you want in order to start. A wireless net is a network that utilises radio waves to speak through your house wireless router. When we chat about radio waves we are talking about signals that broadcast from and to your router so you can view the Net from anywhere in your house without a wire. In a home network signal travel thru your wire line, little satellite dish or phone line from your web service supplier thru your modem ( switch ), which is afterwards attached to your personal computer to offer you net access. Before wireless we hooked up to the web thru a huge area network wire ( LAN ) from the back of our modem to our computer.

We also connected and some still use this strategy today, to the Net thru dial-up, which naturally is the least dear system of connecting to the Net. Dial-up is the strategy by which you plug your telephone line right into your personal computer and connect to the web thru an ISP like AOL. Whichever method you use, the downfall with employing a wired network is that you PC or laptop PC must remain in the same location the wire is found for you to attach to the web unless you get smart and get a ten foot wire or telephone line, which in this example will lead to an enormous mess in your home. With a wireless network, it’s not untidy at all as you connect to net thru radio waves that are broadcast all though your house from your router. To build a wireless network all you really need is net service in your house, a wireless router, a modem from your ISP, wireless LAN cards for each extra PC or laptop PC in your house. If you’ve a portable, then the wireless LAN cards look like visa cards and for wireless LAN cards for your personal computer, they’re card like with an antenna sticking out of them.

Now you have your kit, the very first thing you do is connect your PC to the router and the modem to the router, Before, your modem was connected straight to the PC, but to do wireless, everything will have to connect at once to the router. The modem will be hooked up to the Net port on the router and the PC will be hooked up to one of the ports on the router apart from the Net port routinely port one.

If you want help in setting up the router as you’re going to need to make some insignificant adjustments with your router like closing off your port so you are not providing web access to everybody in the area as I’ve seen this occur far too frequently. Your router features a manual that shows you the way to set-up the router for your wireless network so follow the steps given in the book. After your base PC is set and you can surf the web thru your wireless router from the base PC, then you’re now prepared to add extra PCs or PCs to your wireless network. To determine that you have close the port so that only the people in your home will have access, each portable added to the wireless network will be inspired to go into the secure password before they’re granted access.

After the password is entered, they’re prepared to start surfing the web. That’s all there is to it and you will adore it as now you can ramble from room to room with your laptop PC surfing the web if you go in your house and if you are in areas where you cannot get a signal then you may wish to invest in a long range wireless router.

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