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You don’t need to listen to your parents who tell you every morning to get a real job… You know you’re sitting on a gold mine and the younger generation is dominating a new market! 80% of all producers on Soundclick who are pulling in a full time income selling beats are in their teens.

This isn’t to say that the older producers can’t still make money, it just goes to show that many people of the younger generation are using the internet to their advantage and so should you! It’s not very hard to set up a website, especially when designers can do much of the work.

There are tons of different websites on the internet that claim to be really great spots to sell beats at. Honestly of all of these sites I believe that the most profitable, easy to use and simple to promote sites are Soundclick and BeatSwagger.

Soundclick is a gigantic community of rappers online meaning that your target audience is sitting there, ready to be sold to. I like BeatSwagger because it completely dominates almost every profitable keyword phrase for a producer in terms of SEO marketing, so the clicks coming in are rappers TRYING to buy.

RocBattle is popular but I never thought it was that great. Quite honestly I believe that the website is totally biased towards whoever has the bigger group of friends within the website, so that makes it a lot less fun for me. I don’t like the idea that I’m competing against other producers on a site made for producers only… Meaning no rappers can use the site at all… Where is my target audience?!

I recommend BeatSwagger but I actually don’t use the website. My thing is to combine MySpace and Soundclick promotion. The charts on Soundclick weigh in big time.

The charts on Soundclick are considered by many to be the only glimmer of spotlight that exists online. This is because the potential for song plays and page views is off the walls on Soundclick. The producers in the top 10 of Beats/General are racking in 40,000-80,000 plays per day.

Every single one of those plays are from other people trying to use your beats and listen to them, download them and many of them will even want to make rap songs to them. You’ll make a lot of sales just by having your beats on that site and promoting yourself within the site itself and externally. If you start going up in the Soundclick charts, you’ll notice that you’ll start flying up quicker as you go. The charts themselves bring so many plays that you end up propelling off them completely!

I believe that Soundclick should be considered the new wave of funds for producers all over. Even famous, mainstream producers could move to Soundclick and rack in some serious extra profits. The website brings in thousands every month for myself and hundreds of other producers.

You can be making thousands monthly from this site so I hope you take into consideration what I’m trying to get across. It’s an amazing opportunity and you have the power to make your future as a beat maker!

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