Selecting Which Air Rowing Machine Is Best For You

For those who want to lose weight to those who want a fantastic cardiovascular workout, the air rowing machine is the equipment of choice. This machine gives the user the experience of exercising the body through the rowing motions like those made by rowers.

Investing in an air rowing machine can be one of the best choices anyone can make, as additional equipment for a privately owned gym or for a home gym. Before making a decision in buying one, test out a machine at a fitness center. Find out if this is exactly the type of machine that you would want to invest in.

As a beginner, this is the best equipment of choice as it can allow for light to very strenuous exercise and is perfect for beginner, intermediate or advanced level workouts. It works most of the major muscle groups and puts up great cardiovascular workout.

You can select from 5 different types of air rowing machines: the air type, the piston type, the stamina, the magnetic, and the water resistance machine. The air resistance rowing machine has a fan-wheel that lets the user take control of the resistance, depending on how light or hard the workout is. The smaller piston resistance rowing machine is cheaper but puts up an efficient workout even if the fixed seat does lower the resistance as there are less leg movements. The stamina rowing machine is made of steel. Its comfy seats can endure differences in weight and body builds. What makes this equipment nice is that it can record the amount of burned calories, the distance rowed, the speed and the number of rows made. Its wheels make it easy to move around and it can be folded up to a compact size and kept under a bed or in a closet.

The magnetic resistance machine makes use of electromagnets. For those who easily get irritated with friction noise, this can be the best choice as electromagnets do not produce friction and is therefore virtually silent. Reviews say that this type is better than the piston type because of the more realistic rowing experience. However, these are heavier and may occupy a large space. The last type of air rowing machine is the water resistance machine. Running on a patented Water-Flywheel, this is considered closest to the actual rowing on water experience. However, it can be noisy and heavy and more expensive than the other types.

For those who want to invest in home gym equipment, the air rowing machine is without doubt the best equipment there is. The convenience of having a workout at your convenience is irresistible, as well as provides a complete workout. Costing around $150 to $600, the machines are affordable and once bought, the need to pay for monthly dues in a private gym can be erased. Before buying an air rowing machine, test out the different types and make sure you buy the one that you are most comfortable with and can give you the type of workout that you want to experience, be it light, medium or high intensity workout.

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