Selecting The Right Elliptical Exercise Machine

With hundreds of models and dozens of manufacturers, it could be a difficult task to pick the best elliptical exercise machine for you and your family. The first thing to consider is your budget and with this you are able to narrow down which elliptical exercise machine meets your needs.

It is not recommended to consider an elliptical exercise machine for under $800, as anything in a cost range lower than which is of such inferior quality that it will not meet your, and anyone’s, exercise requirements. This information will have a look at what to look for in each of the various prices.

Less Expensive Elliptical Exercise Machines

Looking for a trainer in this range that is a quality piece of exercise equipment can be very hard. A lot of the high quality elliptical exercise machines can cost over $1500, but there are some really good models in this cost range if you know what to look for. The first feature to take into consideration is stride distance. Many trainers in this price range provide a very small stride distance.

This means a much poorer workout for you. Look to see if you’re able to find a machine with the stride distance of at least 20 inches, which is about what you need to complete a good workout. Most of the elliptical exercise machines in this price range offer some advanced features like pulse trackers, varied programs, and self programmable routines. This feature is not the most important; however it should be included with any quality machine.

Medium Priced Elliptical Exercise Machines

This is where some of the machines start getting much more advanced features. Exercise machines in this cost range are starting to push towards the very costly; thus the first thing to think about when looking in this range is what kind of warranty, service, and support comes with your elliptical exercise machine.

If the machine breaks, you want to know that your investment is protected. Ensure that the trainer has at least three years warranty. Additionally, you can get most if not all of the specifications that you need, so be sure to double check that the trainer comes with everything you need before you buy.

Expensive Machines

For many people, spending this much money on a trainer is not recommended because they are made for everyday 7-20 hour a day use.

For a normal home user that is not really practical. Furthermore, if not all of the features are on units in this cost range are available on trainers in the lower cost bracket. You would probably do better to simply find an elliptical exercise machine in that cost range that has all the features you want.

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