How To Get The Best Office Party Band

Why is Live Music Important?: Many work colleagues go to concerts outside of the office, but few have an opportunity to see a show at work. An office party band can change this, by bringing live entertainment to the office. To ensure maximum success, there are some tips that may be considered in the selection of a band.

Take Stock of Your Environment: Before hiring a band, it is useful to ask around to see the most recent concerts your colleagues have attended. If you are unfamiliar with these artists, you can find out more about them through internet research. It is also possible to present a list of bands that your colleagues love to a potential party band. They will be able to let you know which songs they can play.

Find a Space: Try to figure out where the office party will take place. With this information, there will be a better understanding about where the music will be performed. If it is a very small space, using microphones for the instruments may not be necessary. There should be adequate space for everyone to be able to see the group.

Speak with the Office Party Band: Many talented bands perform at weddings or parties, and their skill entertaining people can translate well to the office. Ask the band if they are able to perform genres or songs that your colleagues prefer. If they do not know the songs, ask them if they would be willing to learn some new songs for the party.

Ask for a Music Sample: Some musical groups have their music available online at a website. Other bands are willing to send you a cd in the mail or an mp3 by email. If a band does not have music available, ask to speak with one of their clients for a recommendation. Some bands have client testimonials available on their website.

Are Requests Acceptable?: To avoid putting the band on the spot, make sure to ask them if they are willing to take song requests. If they aren’t, you can let your colleagues know that they have a predetermined set-list. If they are open to requests, there can be a designated clipboard with a sign-up list for the group.

Publicize the Party!: You can let your colleagues know that you will be doing something a little different by hand delivering little band fliers publicizing the show. Another alternative is to have the band be a complete surprise. A third option is to send out an email to everyone about the special upcoming event so that everyone is not double-booked.

Party Time: One benefit to having an office party band is that each performance is different and special to the event. Some people may like to have pictures of the band to remember the event. You may also wish to take pictures of your friends having fun while listening to the music. Talk with your coworkers to see what they thought about the band. If the event was a great success, you may wish to have live music at your next office party.

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