See Napa Valley In Wine Colored Lenses

The Wine Country of Northern California is a vacation destination for wine connesuirs from all throughout the country and around the globe. Napa, Sonoma, and Calistoga offer visitors a magnificent vacation experience with the laid back mind-set of Northern California. From the romantic bed and breakfast excursion to the exhilaration of winery tours for the wine connesuir, the Wine Country is genuinely a marvelous destination.

The area has definitely been built on the wine industry’s success. In 1975, Napa Valley had about 20 wineries. Today visitors can choose between an extraordinary 275. Nearly all of these wineries offer tours and tastings and many are open to the public daily. The Wine Country continues to grow and to draw visitors who are interested in the finest wines that California has to offer.

The city of Napa is the largest in the valley and has all of the amenities someone might be expecting from a city of its magnitude. There is mainstream shopping and several options for visitors needing to have a fitting base of operations in the valley. Prices for vacation rentals and hotels are usually less in Napa than beach rentals directly on the coast line. The disadvantage is that the city is less refined and definitely more mainstream than the rest of the valley’s wine areas, but the proximity to the rest of the valley might make that a minor price to pay.

If you are looking for something different, then Calistoga should be on your list of destinations. The town is decorated with false fronted shops in the style of the Old West. There are authentic 19th century hotels and fabulous opportunities for visitors looking for bed and breakfast inns in the wine country. The fine dining found elsewhere is replaced by unpretentious cafes and a casual attitude that permeates the town. The town was founded as a resort destination, and some of the original hotels and hot springs are still in operation. This is definitely the place for visitors who are interested in the Wine Country but also have a desire to see Northern California the way that it once was.

Another 19th century creation, and the oldest town participating in the Wine Country, is Sonoma, California. There are a variety of attractions here and a lot of of them are unrelated to the food and wine culture of the surrounding area. There are parts preserved from the Spanish Mission era, 19th century adobes, old hotels, and even a theater preserved from the 1930s. Sonoma is definitely an excellent place to find vacation rentals to set up your base of operations, though there are amazing hotels and a variety of bed and breakfasts here as well. Find time for a stop in the city’s central plaza to catch sight of what real life is like for locals of the California Wine Country.

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