Secrets To Creating Fabulous Angel Hair Pasta Recipes

Before you start looking for recipes for an angel hair pasta dish, it will be helpful to review what angel hair pasta actually is. It’s a type of pasta known as strand pasta, and this encompasses all of the different types of long, thin pasta. So this category includes things like spaghetti, spaghettini and vermicelli. However, angel hair pasta, also known as capelli d’angelo, is much thinner than the others. It usually comes in the long strands, but is sometimes curled into nests, which loosen into individual strands when put into boiling water. And you may need a few cooking tips to use it properly.

The optimum time for cooking this delicate type of pasta is about two to four minutes, which makes it useful if you need to make a pasta recipe in a hurry. But this also means you have to keep a close eye on it, so you don’t end up with a soft, overcooked clumpy mess. If you buy this pasta fresh rather than in a package, the cooking time might be even less, so watch it carefully. You may think making something with this pasta will be quick and easy, but it could just as easily be quick and disastrous.

Many recipes seem to assume that everyone knows how to deal with this pasta, but it takes some work to use properly. During cooking, it needs stirring at the beginning so it won’t stick, but this worry can also be helped by putting olive oil into the boiling water before putting in the pasta.

If you’re hoping to use angel hair pasta with heavy Italian made sauces, rich with meat chunks, you should probably think twice. This thin type of pasta can easily be overwhelmed by heavy sauces, as it works best with something very light.

If you encounter any angel hair pasta recipes that don’t take into account the extra care you need in handling and creating dishes with this fine pasta, then pause and take stock. It could be that the recipe just assumes everyone already knows the finer details of creating a pasta dish with angel hair, or the recipe might be unreliable. You certainly need to keep good track of how you’re handling this pasta, so make sure the recipe isn’t making any mistakes.

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