Learn How To Astral Project Naturally

Each and every person in the world can astral project. In fact, many of us do so, although we might not know that this is what we’re doing. The ability to consciously astral project and be in control of the experience can be learned with practice.

We’re going to assume that you already know what the astral plane is and that you know about your astral body. Instead, we’ll go ahead and discuss methods that can help you learn how to astral project. Everyone does best with different techniques, so you may want to try different ones until you find one which is best for you.

The following technique is a five-step process which can be done as you’re lying in bed before you fall asleep.

*First: Start by tensing, then relaxing every part of your body. Start with your toes and work your way up to your head. You’ll probably begin to feel heavy; this is nothing to worry about and is a sign that you’re becoming deeply relaxed.

*Second; Take slow, deep breaths and concentrate on the feeling of the air filling your lungs. When you exhale, do so slowly and visualize your stress and tension exiting your body with each breath. You’ll need to stay focused during this step, since it’s easy to fall asleep when you’re this deeply relaxed.

*Third; Concentrate on the feeling of your body’s total relaxation. Think of it as a stone or a lump of earth; something which is heavy and immobile. Now refocus your attention to your astral body; think about how light it feels, weightless in fact. Close your eyes and visualize your astral body floating away on the breeze.

*Fourth; Now you may have the experience of being able to see perfectly well in your darkened room which should now be illuminated by a purple light; even though your eyes are closed! Turn your attention to the light which is coming from your ceiling.

*Fifth; Visualize yourself pulling this light from the ceiling towards your astral body. You’ll feel like your floating (your astral body will in fact be floating; if you look down, you might see your physical body still in bed).

If you’ve been able to make it through all of these steps, you’ve done it! You can now depart on astral travels. If you can’t astral project this way, there’s another method which you can try.

This is called the gazing method and is used by many when learning how to astral project. It’s a very simple method where you focus your complete attention on an object. This can be anything as long as its within your line of sight while you lie in bed.

Gaze at this object and stay focused on it. Eventually, your eyelids will become too heavy to keep open; but if you’ve succeeded you’ll still be able to see this object in front of you. Continue to gaze at it until you feel an urge to stand up. When you do, you’ll see your physical body lying in bed asleep! Don’t be alarmed; this means you’ve succeeded and can begin to astral travel.

If these techniques don’t work for you right away, don’t become discouraged. You may need to practice for a while before you can successfully astral project. Persistence is key.

What’s really important isn’t how you get there, but that you can overcome your subconscious skepticism about astral projection. You have to repeat to your subconscious that there’s nothing to worry about and it’s OK for your astral body to leave on its travels. You can use affirmations to communicate this to your subconscious.

Plenty of techniques can help you learn how to astral travel; you’ll find the right one for you with a little practice and possibly some trial and error.

Hypnosis is something which a lot of people find helps them to astral project. Especially for beginners, a guided hypnosis session can help. Having an expert there to tell you what’s happening and what to do next at each step is valuable guidance.

New audio technology has enabled something called binaural beats which can produce a relaxed, meditative state using slightly different frequencies in each ear. A lot of people find binaural beats to make it easy to astral project.

Learning how to astral project isn’t actually that difficult. It’s really just about practicing. This is an ability which every man and woman already possesses; it just takes a little work and a little patience to learn to do it at will. Just like being able to read, it’s something you’re born with the capacity to do; but you do need to practice to become expert in it.

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