Search Engine Optimization: An Overlooked Fact!

What is the most common mistake?

Most beginners are dreaming of the moment to see their website’s home page on the first page of Google. In this manner, they usually forget that their website does not consist of the home page only, but also it has inner pages. Here, it is worthwhile to promote your inner pages as well.

If you follow the normal stream, then your home page is optimized around the primary keyword whereas the inner pages are optimized around the secondary ones. Normally, the primary keyword is relatively competitive and, as a result, it is time-consuming to see your home page on Google’s first page.

What would be the better strategy?

In nearly every case, a site should be designed to draw traffic through both the home page and various internal pages. Home pages, obviously, can be tailored to the primary keyword phrases you are seeking, but do not forget the minor pages.

What is my personal experience in this context?

I always find it odd when people ask, which keyword phrase they should try to optimize for on their site. They become a bit flummoxed when I tell them to optimize for all of them. The only question is which keywords should appear on which pages.

Do you know this killer example?

For example, the site sells writing journals for outdoor activities such as fly fishing, traveling, hiking, bird watching and so on. So, which of these subjects should be used as the keyword phrase for the home page? None! Instead, the generic term “writing journals” was chosen.

The individual pages on the site promoting each journal are optimized for the specific product. The fly fishing journal page is optimized for fly fishing keywords, the travel page for travel keywords, and so on. The end result of this is the home page is appearing high in “writing journals” search results, while each of the internal journal pages are also appearing high.

This can often lead to an interesting visitor situation. As you review your server stats, you may start noting a majority of your traffic is coming in through internal site pages, not the home page.

What is my golden tip for you?

As you may already know, getting as many back links as possible is the number one factor to increase your ranking. However, thousands rush to build links to the home page and they forget their inner pages. Getting back links to your inner pages will look more naturally and improve your site’s ranking. Finally, I would like to remind you to use the secondary keyword of your inner page as your anchor text.

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