Scientists have named the earliest symptom of coronavirus, and this is not a loss of smell

Before the loss of smell, a patient with Covid-19 begins to experience discomfort in the nose, accompanied by dryness and a desire to scratch the mucous membrane. Already with them, one should begin to sound the alarm and take a test for coronavirus, the researchers say. The Spanish scientists published their findings on the medRxiv preprint website.

According to statistics, the loss of smell of Covid-19 is accompanied by 80% of infection. To this should be added a high unbreakable temperature, cough and weakness with heaviness in the chest. Loss of taste occurs slightly less frequently.

At the same time, the sense of smell and taste can return after a few days, or even after a few months. There is a known case when a patient after a coronavirus for eight months after Covid-19 does not feel either one or the other. This brings him a lot of inconvenience.

Not only does he not get pleasure from food, but also several times he almost died, inhaling chemicals and smoke in a fire, which he simply did not feel.

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