Science Backs Whey Protein Supplementation For Muscle Gain

So if you train hard and work out regularly you will have been aware of whey protein, right? But how good is it? IS it backed by Science or is it JUST a markerting gimmick? Well, read on to see how science has backed whey protein supplementation for muscle gains

Protein Digestibility

There are only two methods worth mentioning about in terms of measuring how well the body takes in Proteins

#1 – The PDCAAS [The Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score]. This method uses a scale of up to 1 but whey protein measures well above that and is officially classed with a score of 1.14.

#2 – Another method is to measure how proteins assimilate in animals. This score is called the Protein Efficiency Score and Whey scores a 3.2 – Easily beating out animal proteins and almost all other protein sources.

Whey can supplement improper eating

Whey protein has been proven to reduce Ghrelin, the chemical that triggers hunger and often over eating.

Whey protein will reduce this chemical, reducing in less appetite while simultaneously giving your muscles the protein they need to grow.

An Australian study was conducted where subjects were given one of four drinks. One drink contained Whey, one drink contained Fructose, one contained glucose and one contained whey and fructose. The group was then taken to a buffet a couple hours later.

The study was conducted in a double-blind manner, meaning neither the scientists nor the subjects knew which drink they were taking when they took it. The study revealed that the group who took Whey had less appetite than the other groups for about two to four hours.

Whey is Carb Free and Fat Free

If you’re working out, chances are you’ll want to keep your fat and carb intake pretty low. Unfortunately, most sources of protein are also high in either fat or carbs.

Whey on the other hand, has nearly zero fat and nearly zero carbs. This is a great what to give your muscles building blocks to grow without adding fat or carbs to your body.

This is just a handful of the scientific proof that’s backing Whey protein supplementation. As more and more studies come out and more and more proof stacks up, fitness experts are becoming more and more certain that Whey is the way to go.

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