Scented Candles: Looking After Yours

Making the most of your Scented Candles

Advice is given within this article on making the most of the variety of scented candles available. Scented candles can be very expensive and often leave the user disappointed as they watch their new candle slump in the middle (tunnel) or burn poorly. This article aims to provide guidance in the best ways of obtaining the best from your scented candle.

At the outset

Candles vary wildly in their quality and burn characteristics. A quality candle is a good investment. Bear in mind that price is not always an indicator of a quality candle. Some very expensive candles are of poor quality, give off very little scent and burn poorly. General good advice is to look out for handmade scented candles. Usually, handmade candles offer a better place to start looking for your perfect brand. Why handmade? The quality of a handmade candle comes from the fact that someone has taken the time & trouble of making each candle by hand. Handmade candles are also usually made by small companies who’s livelihood depends on the quality of their products. Mass market candles are machine made in their thousands, and sell globally so occurrences of lower quality can be absorbed by the mass market. Simply, mass produced products lack the care of a hand made candle. My advice is find a quality handmade candle that someone has cared about when making and support small artisan businesses. Not all handmade candles are good mind you but the chances of finding a good brand are much better.

I have the candle, what next?

This is where the fun (and work) begins. To get the best from a scented candle, you need to start by checking the wick. The ideal length of most candle wicks is around 5mm (about 1/4 of an inch) but do check the label on your candle. Too long, trim it with scissors. Too short, use a tea spoon and remove some wax from around the wick. With soy candles, this is fairly easy (and fun) as they are fairly soft. With paraffin candles this is a bit more tricky as they are harder. Light the candle making sure that it is on a heat resistant surface and away from anything flammable.

Anything else?

As candles use up their wax when they burn, the only other procedure to follow is regularly trimming the wick. The first burn is important. Let the candle burn long enough so that the wax melts across the full width of the jar. Soy candles melt easily across the full width of the jar in very little time. Paraffin candles vary in how they burn. The balance of wick size to the size of the jar means that sometimes, it is very difficult to make a paraffin candle melt across the whole jar width. My advice, buy soy candles. They are much easier to use and achieve great scent throw into the room.

Sounds easy, what next?

Repeat the cool,trim and light procedure as often as you think necessary. Keep the wick trimmed to around 5mm (1/4 of an inch). If the candle jar ever becomes hot or you see smoke coming from the candle, blow it out and leave to cool completely. Trim the wick and light up. For the life of the candle, keep trimming the wick. You will get much better scent throw in your candle and it will last much longer too. Trim, burn, cool, trim, burn, cool etc. Thats the motto to achieving the best from your scented candle. Small candles need their wick trimming often (as much as every hour of use). Large candles require much less often wick trimming. Watch your candle and you will begin to learn how often the wick needs trimming. In summary, trim, burn & cool often to get the very best from your scented candle. Your reward will be beautiful scent and a warm ambiance in your home.

Written by Dr Haitham Al-Ubaidi, the owner of Busy Bee Candles. Visit Busy Bee Candles for a great range of fragranced Uk marriage visa Candles and home fragrancing products.

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