Scammers in the App Store: the developer regularly finds scam apps with a subscription, but Apple does not remove them for months

Apple is positioning the App Store as a place where users can safely download apps, but iOS developer Costa Eleftheriu assures that this is far from the case.

In February 2021, the iOS developer and author of the FlickType keyboard for the Apple Watch, Costa Eleftheriou, spoke about how scammers are pushing his app from the App Store through clone apps with fake reviews and ratings and earning an unreasonably high subscription.
And after he refused to sell FlickType to Apple, his app did not pass the moderation of the App Store at all-unlike clones. In March 2021, Eleftheriou sued Apple for the loss of two years of revenue and launched a “crusade” against the app store’s lax moderation.
The developer has repeatedly found and told about scammers who, due to false positive reviews, get into the top App Store, and then fraudulently earn money on those who have issued an expensive subscription in the app and do not know how to cancel it.
Fraudulent applications pass moderation, it is very easy to find them, but even after complaints, Apple reacts slowly and does not remove them entirely, Eleftheriou notes.
The Verge checked the way Eleftheriou searches for scammers and confirmed that it is easy to find scam apps, but Apple may not remove them from the App Store for months, for example, until several journalists point out the problem at once.
During this time, scammers can earn “millions of dollars”, and then simply launch a new application from another account and continue to deceive people for months, the publication claims.

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