Sber has introduced its own OS for TV manufacturers and TV media center SberBox Top

The company is hosting its first SmartDev technology conference.

The Salyut TV operating system was developed by the team of SberDevices.
Salyut TV provides users with an intelligent system for recommending video and audio content, access to the services of the company’s ecosystem, and allows you to manage devices and applications from the TV using virtual assistants of the Salyut family.
Instead of the usual multi-modal “smartups” in the OS, the catalog of applications can be found in SmartMarket: games, streaming services, “Sberbank Sound”, an application for ordering products in” Scooter ” and others. There is also a browser.
TV sets under the management of Salyut TV will go on sale in June 2021 in stores of network partners and on marketplaces. The first partner brands were Hyundai and BBK.
SberBox Top TV and Media Center
SberBox Top is a TV-media center with a “smart” camera, which allows you to make video calls, watch movies, listen to music, play, manage a “smart” home, and so on, said in “Sber”. He also supports Salyut assistants.
The device can work as a media set-top box, and as a “smart” speaker when the TV is turned off. You can control it with your voice, gestures, or the remote control that is included in the kit. You can turn off the camera and microphone.
The media center has a streaming service Okko, “Sberbank”, access to more than 240 channels through the service “Smotreshka”. Calls work on the basis of Telegram and Jazz by Sber services — a video conferencing service with up to 100 participants without a time limit.
To use SberBox Top, you need a TV with an HDMI input and mains power. The device can be attached to the screen or placed under it. The design was created jointly with the company NotAnotherOne, specified in the “Savings Bank”.
The console is already available for pre-order on the Sber website and from May 21 on the M website.Video”. The cost of the device will be 14,990 rubles, the company promises delivery until August 31, 2021.

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