Saxon Math – Overview Of This Homeschool Math Curriculum

Homeschooling a child, in these modern times is a tough job. The laws, now established for homeschooling in most of the developed countries, have made it even harder. Even though the state rules for homeschooling have made it hard, but they are for the benefit of the child. Especially, parents face a lot of difficulties while homeschooling their child.

The best thing about this curriculum is its incremental nature. It builds upon the foundations, line by line and percept by percept. The incremental teaching method slowly and gradually unfolds the intricate and significant structures of mathematics. The curriculum enables the learners to grasp and absorb the concept in chunks. Moreover, the curriculum emphasizes a lot on the retention of these concepts.

Homeschooling is quite common and many parents conduct homeschooling lessons for their children during the summer breaks. Other parents, who cannot send their children to public or private schools, decide to do homeschooling. There is a choice of teaching math at home to the children and the choice is between traditional school books and other math teaching books, and Saxon math is one of the choices. Saxon math is also taught by math teachers in some schools.

The Saxon math, a home-school math curriculum is augmented with marvelous features to guide and teach you at every level. The home-school curriculum caters all levels from primary through middle to the high level homeschooling.

Saxon math suffers the same problem that all new teaching methods suffer from. Some teachers who have been following their own teaching method think that it is the best method to follow and reject any new methods.

The Saxon middle grade curriculum smoothly shifts the learners from manipulative and worksheet math to textbook approach. It emphasizes on algebraic and geometric concepts. Following its iterative approach, the new concepts are merged with the older concepts. The new chapters include reviews of the previous concepts. It comprises of upgraded levels of learning ad teaching. The middle grade curriculum holds investigative approach to give an in-depth treatment of math concepts. For convenience, parents can have the solution manual, which offers step-by-step solutions to the problems.

Saxon high grade math curriculum covers algebra, geometry, advanced math and calculus. Algebra offers quite a challenging but enjoyable experience to the students. It explains the concepts with self teaching examples and thus develops a habit of understanding and inferring the concepts independently.

The parents feel quite familiar with the teaching methods of the Saxon math. The terminologies and techniques used are quite simple and contain an element of familiarity for the parents. This familiarity of the teaching method with the parents is another feature of the Saxon that makes it quite popular with homeschooling parents. All these qualities make the Saxon math a perfect program for parents to consider for their homeschooled child.

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