Save Your Home From Foreclosure

Hundreds of thousands of family’s find themselves today in a position I was in a just a few short months ago. A bank was leaning on me to payback a loan that I could just not possibly afford. I got laid off as there was just not enough work. I was getting phone calls daily from credit agency’s, there were endless last notices in the mail and my house was about to be repossessed. I thought my life was over.

Down and out on myself I had almost given up and was about to file for bankruptcy. I would have been completely lost if it wasn’t for a great friend of mine who suggested I get the inside information on my situation. I am happy to say that my house and other outstanding assets are now safe and I have new lease on life.

Of course, 2009 was a record year for foreclosures, with a 21% increase over 2008, but knowing this did not help me to feel better. The forecasts for this year are not looking any better, with 3 million homes being forecast to enter into foreclosure. I know there are more people than ever who, like I us, just need to find a way to keep their creditors off their backs.

I hope that at least one other person can get the information they need to save there home there family’s have worked so hard to build. Its not a fair fight going up against a bank you need to know all of you options and opportunity’s. To be left to fend for yourself like I was get some help.

Things are still pretty bad, but I found new employment and slowly but surely the bills, creditors, and debt collectors are starting to go away. I sleep much better and am more concentrated at work and at home. It was a long journey but things are starting to get back on track.

The step that was critical in me getting out of debt and saving my house was pooling every possible resource. The more people and things you can have on your side against the Goliath bank the better. Get the facts and ALL of the information.

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