Santa Clarita Valley Chiropractor Helps Correct Bad Posture In Children

Bad posture in children can be easily corrected by asking the advice of a Santa Clarita chiropractor. Encouraging good posture habits from an early age is guaranteed to ensure that your child enjoys good spinal health throughout their lifetime. Help your child with this so as to avoid back problems in later life.

Poor posture can lead to long term back and neck pain and a tendency towards rounded shoulders, creating strain on the neck muscles as the natural inclination is to then jut the chin forwards. This posture is also seen in people lacking in self-confidence as they tend to slouch. A slouching posture restricts oxygen flow to the lungs, depriving the body of much needed oxygen.

Poor oxygen distribution in the body can lead to a sense of fatigue and as nutrients are not being efficiently transported to all body cells, growth may be stunted. Core muscles do also not develop properly and the bad posture becomes an adult affectation that can be very difficult to correct.

The majority of neck or back pain is directly related to poor posture, but if it is corrected early, in the child, it is much easier to address than in an adult who has experienced a lifetime of poor posture habits. Strained muscles can compress blood vessels, which results in poor muscle development. Weak muscles cannot properly support your spine.

At a chiropractic office your child will have an assessment done of their overall posture, including the way in which they walk, stand and sit. Their spinal alignment will be checked and corrected if necessary before the chiropractor recommends strengthening exercises to encourage good posture.

These will be gentle, easy exercises designed by your Santa Clarita chiropractor to stretch and tone the muscles, strengthening them over time to properly support the correct spinal alignment. Over time good posture can be adopted and will become a good habit, which will support good spinal health.

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