Samsung has introduced a fingerprint scanner for payment cards and passes

or the first time, a biometric sensor, a processor and a security module were combined on a single chip.

Samsung Electronics has announced the development of the world’s first hybrid chip for payment cards with protection in the form of a fingerprint scanner.
The S3B512C chip reads information using a biometric sensor, stores data in the security module (SE) and analyzes them thanks to the built-in processor.
The developers talked about authentication algorithms and protection against spoofing (substitution of transmitted data), but did not specify how the device is powered.
According to the vice president of Samsung, the chip is designed for payment cards, but can also be used in other gadgets that need biometric authentication — for example, passes or identity cards.
This approach prevents fraudulent transactions with lost or stolen cards and eliminates the need to enter a PIN code on the keyboard.
The system has been certified by Mastercard and complies with international security standards CC EAL 6+. Among the first clients are banking organizations.
Earlier, Samsung demonstrated a chip that performs all calculations in magnetoresistive MRAM memory. At the same time, the data is saved even in the absence of external power.

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