Salient Features Of Wireless Headset CS55

Now the employees get to use their earphone to receive calls even when they move-THE CS55 Plantronics wireless headset.

The wireless headset gives the user the gift to attend calls even when they move with the reliability of a corded headset.

The first headset to ever use 1.9GHz UPCS voice dedicated cordless technology comes with the inexplicable utility.

Different from the other networks it has a complete range of finely tuned frequency that is not being disrupted by other wireless devices (WiFi), along with bonuses of enjoying its sound quality and clarity.

The single button on the headset lets you answer any call that comes up during work. The 1.9GHz DECT standard frequency, the headset uses give better voice clarity and sound.

It has one touch control for answer your calls as the headset uses 1.9GHz DECT standard frequency.

The headphone comes with new and stylish sleek design that gets you at the first look. You can tune into radio frequency at all times with the best performance. SMART AND SEXY.

The offices these days are too noisy normal earphones are useless in such situations the all new headset comes with superb noise cancelling technology.
Now you can talk even when others shout.

It makes all the difference. You are going to really love them…

You can have great mobility even up to 30 feet.

The use of lithium ion polymer battery makes it more usefully and reliable as it takes just 3 hours’ time for complete recharging, its takes your call away from the malicious intruders as it uses 64 bit encryption.

The lithium polymer battery stays long too. the calls are also encrypted by 64-bit digital encryption so no worries about anyone tapping into your conversations

It is quite very handy as it is literally weightless and this makes its usage for hours comfortable with an added advantage of having a roaming distance of 300 feet.

The headphone offers three convertible styles. The quick mute button is a blessing…

It also offers three convertible styles
On buying Plantronics HL10 lifter you can make and end calls from your headset.

Having to talk to someone close by during your conversations???here’s a solution, the head phone offers one touch mute facility to continue uninterrupted during your conversations

The head set give a complete professional touch to the worker.

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