The laws surrounding how you can scrap a car have been tightened recently. Years ago people left their car on waste ground or simply let it rot on the street. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Now systems are in place and are enforced to make sure that cars are scrapped without damaging the environment.

Before deciding to scrap your car ask yourself, is it really necessary? Consider whether you want to use your old car as a trade in for a new one. Sometimes a garage will give you a good price even for a old car in order to make a sale.

If you do decide to scrap your car first call your local council to see if they can help you. Most councils will pick up old cars for free and deliver them to a scrap yard. Not all councils will do this and for those that do there is often a long waiting list. If you do use the council make sure that you get documentary proof that they have taken the car from you. They should also provide you with a certificate of destruction. Alternatively, contact a scrap yard yourself, some will pick up your car for free. It is very important that you only use firms that are on The Environment Agencies list of Authorised Treatment Facilities, and that they provide you with a certificate of destruction. You need this document to send to the DVLA.

Another good alternative is giving your car away to either a charity or a friend. If you do this fill out the V5C and send it off to the DVLA to notify them of a change of ownership. Do this even if no money changes hands. If the person you give the car to accrues any traffic fines, unless you have told the DVLA of the change of ownership you are held responsible for the payment of their fines. It is sometimes possible to make money by selling parts from your car yourself on auction sites or in local papers, but bear in mind you must legally scrap any parts that you have left over and notify the DVLA.

Whichever method you decide to use the crucial part of the process is notifying the DVLA of the fact that the car has been scrapped. If a rouge firm dumps your car in the street instead of scrapping it as promised you are the one that will have to pay the fines.

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