Sacramento Plumbing For Replacing The Dishwasher

Like many other areas in the state, the Sacramento, California area has been hit by the foreclosure crisis. Real estate investors and first time home buyers alike are buying property at bargain basement prices. But you are looking at a rehab special when you do buy a foreclosed property. And the Sacramento plumbing experts can help you with the plumbing part of the rehab.

There are also people who simply are taking advantage of the good deals and buying their first time homes. In any event you will need to do some Sacramento plumbing because homes that are in foreclosure usually are in need of rehab once the people living there vacate the premises.

If you are reselling a house you bought in foreclosure you will want to remodel the kitchen so the price you ask for is high enough to make a profit. If you want to live in a house you bought from the bank you will want to remodel the kitchen for your own sake. You can replace the dishwasher yourself of call a plumber to this for you. Here are some tips for installing a dishwasher.

You will want to test the existing dishwasher for electrical power. All you need is an electrical tester which you can get at any hardware store. All you do is touch the tester to the bottom of the dishwasher and it will light up and sound off if the dishwasher is connected to the electrical breaker. If it is you need to shut that breaker off so you can safely work on the dishwasher. You need to find the breaker that is powering the dishwasher.

When you turn off the breaker to the appliance retest the dishwasher with the tester to make certain there is no power to the dishwasher. You can now take off the front box at the bottom of the appliance. Take off the screws from panel on the face. Locate the wire nuts at the panel bottom. Twist them off. Keep the wire nuts for the next installation or buy new ones.

Now take the wires from the wall from the holes in the plate. You will also find under the sink the water hoses that fill the unit when the wash cycle begins. These hoses are made of flexible metal and are easy to flex and work with. This braided metal replaced copper hoses years ago. You have to close the water supply when working on the appliance to keep from flooding the area.

When you remove the old dishwasher you can install the new one following the instructions from the manufacturer. If you are intimidated by any of these steps you can call your Sacramento plumbing experts to help you.

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