RV Motor Home – Can You Really Be Care Free While Living In One?

Have you ever thought what it would be like to live in a motor home permanently? When we see on TV the bright and happy looking gorgeous young people who live in motor homes, we keep thinking how wonderfully carefree they are and what a lovely time they must be having with no worries and being able to travel wherever they want to. In the ads of course motor home families have such fun in beautiful weather; sunshine filling their days and warm breezy star lit nights adding romance and excitement to their lives. But is that how it is when you really have to live in a RV motor home full-time?

The fact however is, that rosy as it sounds, real life is not how it is portrayed in the TV or in those colorful brochures you bring home with such enthusiasm. For one, you can enjoy the “luxury” of living a care free life roaming from place to place only if you are retired and the children have left the nest. By that time, you have got used to a certain way of life and the comforts of a cozy home where life goes on at a regular pace. Just because you start living in a RV motor home does not mean that you have no expenses at all. You have to always think about food stuff, fuel, repairs to the motor home and the insurance payments and also pay taxes on everything you buy.

At least when you have a fixed home, you don’t have to worry about where to spend the night, whereas when you are in a motor home, you have to check out the camping grounds for which you have to pay for spending the night and still cook, clean, and attend to the laundry which can surely become tedious after some time. Then what about your health? At least when you are living in a house, you have a family doctor you visit when you are sick and he knows all about you and the family. But when traveling in a motor home, you have to visit any available doctor in the area who knows nothing about you. How about friends and neighbors? When living in a motor home, it’s not possible to form firm and long lasting friendships since you will be moving all the time.

Always keep in mind that when you live in a motor home, if it’s during summer, you might have to pay extra for air conditioning because it’s almost impossible to live in one without feeling the heat. During winter you will be paying for heating and as always camping grounds tend to charge you more for these extras. Instead of the smoky mountains and rich green valleys you saw in the advertisements, you will most probably see stark areas of land with no trees or greenery. If you ever have an argument with your partner, you will not have the satisfaction of shutting yourself in a room, because in a motor home you don’t have that type of luxury.

This is not to say that RV motor homes should be avoided at all costs, all I’m trying to say is that while motor homes are fantastic for a vacation or for the purpose of getting away from it all for a short time, there will be no problem at all. You can have a lovely care free holiday in a home away from home and then look forward to your next holiday in your RV motor home. A RV motor home however is not the ideal place to live full-time especially for those who are used to the comforts of a stable home.

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