Running And Weight Loss – Lose Weight Without Spending A Dime

People nowadays are experiencing a spectrum of illnesses and complications due to excessive fats and bad cholesterol in their body. A sedentary lifestyle or a neglectful one causes a lot of negative physical, mental and emotional problems. A perfect and simple way to battle all distress and obesity is running!

Lose weight fast just by running

Running as an exercise burns a lot more calories than walking even if you are covering the same distance. Why is this? It is because you expend more energy while running. So the next time you think about taking a walk, go for a run instead and burn twice the amount of calories.

Benefits of Running

Running is a beneficial act for your physical, psychological and emotional states. Running can improve your heart and lungs, allow you to have more muscle mass, get your bone density levels increased and takes you into a happy state due to increased endorphin secretion.

Running can help you lose weight by supplementing it with a healthy diet. It is essential that if you are just starting out, you start out slow in order to avoid shocking your body. Once you get used to the routine, gradually build your speed and distance to ensure that your body is constantly challenged.

A few pointers to achieve your weight loss goal

Make sure you watch your diet. It is the single most important thing that can make or break your weight loss plan. Try to keep a record of the food that you eat each day. At the end of the day, check to see the types of food that you are eating. Are you eating too much sugars and carbs? If you are, you need to cut down on your intake of these foods as they are easily stored as fat.

Be sure to exercises consistently. Exercise helps us maintain a state of caloric deficit which is needed to lose weight. By exercising, we force our bodies to burn calories stored as fat, which will eventually lead to losing weight.

Keep it challenging. One of the worst things that you can do is get into a routine. When your body is no longer challenged by your workout, it does not burn as much calories as it should. What you can do is to introduce new twists in your routine. Try going up and down a flight of stairs, go on a marathon with a buddy, stop and do jumping jacks every 10 minutes, whatever it is, it will breathe new life into your workout.

Ready to get out there and begin on your running journey? There isn’t another minute to waste. By running, you are on your way to achieving a healthier, happier and sexier body you always wanted, without spending a single cent!

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