Runners High And The Reason You Tend To Get It

The runners high can be a myth. Most persons say it truly is formed by endorphins that are released when the entire body reaches an exhaustive state. Mentally this high feeling is filled with feelings of euphoria and an intense pleasurable sensation. Most people equate this to having an orgasm during sex

The runners high is not an objective experience you can duplicate at will. It truly is a hit and mss system that runners tend to get when they run more than thirty to forty minutes a go and that is why I write. I believe this state can be reached with the right understanding and tools

The runner’s high is achieved once you forget yourself, should you have ever attained this state of being you will note that it really is never observed or experienced until after the fact, meaning this runners high is nothing but a memory that the ego or mind wants more and more off. It truly is a bit like driving a car at night when you are tired. Remember when you last drove when you were tired , do you recall that you moved from desired destination A to B but you never really remembered until you arrived at you destination. I mean you drove without the mind or the ego being there. At this time you do not know how you drove yet you seemed to have made the right lane changes, stopped at the red lights and when you get to your destination you say “how did I get there”. The fact is that you drove but there was no driver

This applies to the runners high. You only know you had a runners’ high immediately after the run and never during the run. The reason for the runners high is due to the absence of the ego or intellect.

So to get this state you have to locate means to neglect the ego. The word method is a contradiction in itself due to the fact the act of forgetting the ego requires an ego to forget. It is much like the man who is trying to sleep; if he is trying he can’t sleep. There has to become a forgetter who wishes to forget and this stops the runners high.

So you need to find ways to make the ego weak. And this is done by becoming aware during a run. If you become aware you will forget the mind. Involving all the senses when you run will take out the mind and the runner’s high can be achieved

A fantastic way to do this is to concentrate on the sky; searching and concentrating on a limitless sky will involve the senses and allow you to lose your self. Do not concentrate on the clouds or on an object in the sky, just look through and into the sky applying all your senses to the act of looking. Should you do this the central observer which is the mind is going to be taken out and you will most likely be in a position to achieve this sough after high state that so many runners desire but can’t seem to achieve

The other common solution and answer is to meditate but once again meditation is usually a poor way of achieving the runner’s high since it involves the use of an ego to meditate

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