Run From The Painting Contractor With The Lowest Bid!

The majority of people would agree that getting a good deal is important, as long as that good deal doesn’t turn into lemon. This can be the case when getting bids for a painting job. You might consider hiring the contractor that comes in with the lowest bid for your house painting project. What you should really do is avoid that contractor. To make sure you are getting the best deal, from a qualified contractor, consider the following items.

What is Included?

When you are considering bids and you notice that most come in around the same price except for one you should be suspicious of what you will get for the money. Materials such as paint, tools and labor do not fluctuate that much and if you have a contractor offering you a ridiculously reduced price you have to wonder where they are saving money. What corners are they going to cut in order to still make a profit from painting your home? The old adage you get what you pay for is very true when it comes to house painting.


A contractor should carry insurance, enough insurance to cover the property that is he is working as well as the workers that are working with him. This insurance is not cheap, the premiums are high because contractor work is considered high risk. For contractors to bid extremely low, to underbid their competitors, they will opt to not carry insurance. If the contractor is not carrying insurance that can leave you holding the bag should something go wrong, such as a worker getting hurt or if the job is not done correctly.


It is also important to know who is going to be in your house working. A cheap bid could also mean cheap labor. If the contractor is underbidding everyone else, they can’t afford to pay professional labor. This could be day laborers or illegal immigrants. This type of labor is often not covered by worker’s comp, which again leaves you footing the bill should they get injured.


You never want to have house painting done without some kind of warranty, but when the bid is low, you have to wonder how they will cover any warranty. Low ball offers are probably barely covering costs in the first place and if they have to come back and repaint your home, they are going to be in the red in a hurry.

The industry standard is 5 years. If they are offering you 5 years, make sure you read the warranty. Remember that if they are bidding significantly lower than anyone else, they are doing your house for next to nothing, which means should they need to come back, they will rush through. This can often result in a bigger mess then what you had to begin with.

Years in Business

Can you verify how long this painting contractor has been in business? If they have been in your area less than ten years there is a good chance they are moving around to avoid honoring their previous warranties. If you want to be safe, only choose a company who has been in the area for at least ten years. This is plenty of time for them to establish a reputation and provide a long list of satisfied customers. Notice that said satisfied customers, a good contractor should be able to provide you a list of at least 25 people who have been pleased with their work, any less than that, points to a painting contractor who is not following through.

The Real Cost

Just because they are offering you, a cheap bid does not mean you are in the clear when it comes to money. Some contractors will require you to pay an upfront deposit, which is not standard practice in the business. Requiring money before the work has begun indicates a contractor who cannot afford to purchase the materials they require or they may be planning to stiff you on the job. Either way a deposit is something you should consider very carefully.


House painting contractors can save you a lot of time and money while making your home look fabulous. However, when a contractor is offering to do the job for subpar wages you should be a bit concerned. This is an important decision and a poor house painting job is something you might have to live with for a very long time.

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