When your teen decides to go Goth, you can decorate her bedroom in a way that will help her feel blissfully at home, even if your personal style, as reflected in the rest of the home, is completely opposite.

Incorporating elements from the much more traditional gothic style might include architectural modifications and layered accessories. But don’t go overboard and have a room of absolute depression and horror. Take into account that the rest of the family, who might not be Goth-inclined, will visit the room as well. Try to make it as welcoming as possible for everyone.

First, know how darkish you intend to go with your colors. Whenever we think about Goth, the first thing that comes to mind is black. For your walls, you may instead opt for heavy red or purple with a dark accent. Alternatively, use the stone block style which is reminiscent of medieval castles, along with your heavy red-colored or purple. You might have three of the walls in deep purple or violet, and then apply faux stones onto the fourth wall. Or for a much less permanent solution, simply dip a large square sponge into gray paint and create the semblance of bricks on your wall. To complete the brick wall effect, use a plain brush to add darker and lighter tones. Or simply settle for wallpaper with a brick wall print.

For her bedroom floor, consider dark stained wooden which would greatly complement the rest of the Gothic furniture and accessories. If you already have wall to wall carpeting, place an area rug on top of your carpet. A shag area rug in black or deep purple placed in front of the bed will do wonders for a gothic-themed room.

A wrought iron bed or a deep wooden four poster bed frame with a lot of richly colored velvet drapery reflects the classic Goth style. Make sure that all woods used in the room are dark with a lot of intricate carving detail. Pick bed linen in deep purple or violet. Add as many accent pillows as possible, piling them onto the bed in varying sizes and shapes. Pillow cases would be good in heavy red velvets, complete with intricate embroidery.

For accessories, you have a world to choose from when it comes to Goth. Visit home remodeling and salvage stores for gargoyles mounted on columns and arches. This should not cost you as well much. Hang your gargoyle above the door frame or on a column placed by the door. Mount a little coffin onto wrought iron legs to create a personalized study desk for your teen. Add faux iron table lamps onto it. Glue miniature skulls onto her telephone to make it more fun. A few crucifixes hung on the walls are a gothic must-have. Dragon artwork would also be great. Frame up classic vampire movie posters to decorate the walls and make the room more playful. Hang some crucifixes above the head of the bed and mirrors. For hooks and lighting features, go for rustic iron.

Remember not really to make the modifications to her room as well permanent because your Goth teen is most likely to grow out of the whole gothic phase eventually. Ensure that when the time comes, you should be able to change back without incurring as well much cost.

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