Romance And Rustic Luxury: Big Bear Cabins California

The stunning natural beauty, the wooded trails, the solitude and moonlit nights, all set the stage for a romantic getaway at scenic Big Bear Cabins California. On top of offering pet friendly accommodations, Big Bear Cabins gives guests the opportunity to add romantic touches to their vacations and to do something special to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. These romantic but affordable touches are provided so you can enhance the intimacy of your stay while you enjoy the cabins California beauty.

One package option for guests is the “spring fling”. Spring is considered to run from April 1st to May 31st at Big Bear, and when you purchase a two-day stay, you get a third for free! The Spring Fling gives the romantically inclined a chance to participate in some late season skiing when available, and once the weather warms up, visitors can take a romantic stroll or hike in the woods or enjoy some horseback riding or mountain biking. Furthermore, when weather permits, you can play a round of golf or take a scenic, relaxing lake cruise to enjoy the local scenery.

Another option is the “autumn adventure”. This package is available after Labour Day through to October 31st, and like the “spring fling,” when you book two nights you receive a third night free of charge. Nothing says romance like a stroll through some colourful changing trees in the fall. You can hike, bike, or simply relax in the autumnal beauty of Big Bear Cabins.

During your stay in Big Bear Cabins, you have the option of adding Big Bear’s “perfect touches” to enhance the romantic vibe. Whether you are setting a romantic mood or celebrating a special occasion (or both!), you can take advantage of Big Bear’s services such as having champagne and strawberries sent to your room, or ordering a birthday package, which comes with a cake, a balloon bouquet, and champagne. Another package is an “enchanted evening,” which includes long stemmed roses, chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne (or a non-alcoholic alternative such as sparkling cider), four bundles of firewood, a romantic question game, and some “fizzmos” for the Jacuzzi, which add even more fizzy bubbles!

Take someone special on an unforgettable getaway to bask in the “rustic luxury”, seclusion, and romance of Big Bear Cabins!

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