Roman Shade – Better Than Shades And Blinds

A roman shade is a window treatment that is used in place of blinds or regular pull down shades. The roman shade provides privacy and can be rolled up to let natural light into a room.

It is made from fabric that is not taut or pulled like the fabric from a convention shade. The fabric is usually kind of loose and can be cinched up in its middle; there are also usually ties or cords that hold it in a position that is rolled up so that light can come in a room. When it is rolled down or released from the cinched position, then it will cover the window up if you wish it to do so.

It can be lined for additional thermal properties. The material used in creating one can range in styles and textures, there opaque materials used as well and sheer materials used, because it is made from material it is sometimes used alone as the sole window treatment, other times it is used in conjunction with other window treatments.

The cost will vary but they are no more expensive than any other window treatment. It could be as inexpensive as twenty dollars or as expensive as three hundred dollars, it all depends on what type of material is used, whether it is lined or unlined and where it is purchased from. It can be purchased from most any place that sells window treatments; this includes most linen and warehouse discount stores that sell window treatments.

There are many different options and the costs will be dictated by the options that are on it. It can be made of very high end material which will drive the cost of it up. It may also have embellishments on the shade which will also drive the cost of it up. A very simple one made from simple material will be very reasonably priced. Instead of purchasing one creating one at home may be an excellent option.

A Roman shade is fantastic because it breaks away from the pack of so-so usual window treatments. There are a variety of colors, textures, and styles for you to pick from. It can transform any window in any room into the absolute tip and focal point of that room.

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