Being able to play a musical instrument is often a dream of most of us. And nothing can be more ambitious than learning how to play the piano. But the problem is that learning how to do so isn’t easy.

With the cost of piano lessons going up to $50 for every session, this can be a huge problem. The next concern is that it might not be possible to have someone drop by at home because of one’s time schedule. This is more common among adults.

If these are the things that are stopping you from making that choice to learn how to play the piano, online piano courses are the best way to go.

One advantage with going online is the fact that you can control when you want to go through with those lessons making it easy on your schedule, and the fact that you only have to pay once.

You can choose from so many online piano courses in the internet however I find one significant course quite different from the rest.

Rocket Piano is an online piano course that is different in the sense that it makes use of really fun approaches. Ruth Searle, a pianist from New Zealand, was the one who devised this course.

What you would expect to receive in the course is a set of e-books, audio and video files, and some game software. The benefit with being offered all these media platforms is that you get to choose which one would provide for better learning.

If you are a person who reads to comprehend, the e-books are all with clear illustrations to guide you.

But what I’m sure you want to learn more about are the games included in the course. Rocket Piano has a few games included in the package including Jayde Musica Pro.

This game is designed to help the student learn how to read piano sheets for single notes. If you want to learn how to read chords, you would want to play Chordinator.

The course is structured into three parts which helps in organizing the lessons that one wants to take part in.

However, if one has successfully gone from novice to pro that does not mean that the learning stops there. The course also has Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano.

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